5 Photography Instagram Accounts You’ll Absolutely Love

As reasons for smartphone photography go, Instagram has to be up there at the top. Its formula of taking, editing and sharing photos with friends in a quick and fun way is definitely a winner. And, although Instagram can be accessed from a conventional browser, uploads are only possible through its smartphone apps.

In this post we’re going to be taking a look at some of our favourite Instagram accounts for photography. Whether you’re already a power user or just starting out, following these accounts is sure to spruce up your feed.

1. Katie Hale @secondhedgehog

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Katie Hale is a UK-based travel blogger. Her Instagram account details her travels from the succulent treats of Lake District cafeteria to the stunning sunsets at the Edinburgh festivals to some more unique activities like sheep racing. This account’s strongest point is probably the unique variety of subjects it features. This is among many strong points, with everything beautifully presented and carefully woven language ensuring a captivating description of each photograph.  


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2. Canon Photography @canon_photos

A “Photography” search will bring this account back as one of the top results – and it’s easy to see why. In fairness, this isn’t smartphone photography but it should provide some inspiration at the very least. The account is a medley of submissions from different people showcasing Canon cameras rather than just one individual. This geographical flexibility means that there’s a variety in subject matter and really something for everyone to enjoy.  


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3. Krisztina Vörös @krisztina_voros

Based in Hungary, near its border with Austria, Krisztina posts photos of local buildings or nature. Some of her photos are taken on her smartphone whilst others with standalone cameras. Her account showcases very well the effectiveness of filters when applied sparingly and with careful thought about their use. It also demonstrates how much there is in everyday life that can be turned into a beautiful photograph.  


  A photo posted by Krisztina Vörös (@krisztina_voros) on


4. Windows Phone Photography @windowsphonephotography

Windows has sold its Lumia series on how good the photography can be and this account exists to prove exactly that. Another collation of different contributors’ photos, this account is obviously exclusively smartphone photography. It proves that, with the right subject matter and a bit of patience getting to know your phone, taking professional and beautiful photos is perfectly possible on smartphones.  



5. DBMax_MobileImages @dbmax_ph

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This account is dedicated to showing off artistic mobile photography. Its subject matters vary but one aspect that runs throughout the account is the black-and-white photo style. The experimentation with effects and subjects around this motif makes for a really interesting account to keep up with.  


  A photo posted by DBMax_MobileImages (@dbmax_ph) on


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a look through some of the best smartphone photography going – and maybe even been inspired. Instagram is a brilliant way to share your snaps with friends digitally. If you’re looking for other fun ways to share photos, we happen to know a bit about photo printing – you may like to take a look!

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