Stuck for Gift Ideas? Check Out These 5 Memorable Presents

Pretty much all of us have, at some point, struggled with finding a gift. It might be that you have a friend or family member who seemingly has everything, or it’s just difficult to tell what they might like and you really want to do something special for them.

In these situations, you want to be looking for something memorable and fun – and we’d advocate thinking outside the box a little. We’ve put together a list of ideas from which you should be able to draw inspiration and make one very happy friend.

1. Organise a Meal Out

Three things everyone loves:

  1. Good food.
  2. Not having to pay for good food.
  3. Great company.

Offer to take your friend to a restaurant of their choice and pay for it. You’re their friend (and maybe invite along a few others if you have a group of friends) and they’ll love to be with you enjoying their food. It’s not a tangible gift to wrap up, but it’s something nearly anyone would appreciate.

2. Photos

How better to commemorate a special day than by bringing back memories of the best times in your friendship?

Chances are you’ll have some photos together on your smartphone. Postalgia can create beautiful unique gifts with its easy app (available on the App Store and Google Play), shipping printed smartphone photos.

Again, your friend will love how personal this gift is.

3. Surprise Party

If you’ve got a group of friends, a surprise party is an inexpensive way to have great fun – everyone can contribute some food or drink and your friend’s gift will be the wonderful company they get.

You’ll all have a great night, something for your friend to remember – or not, depending on how many friends choose to bring drinks!

4. Make Something Personal

If you’re a creative type, why not make something yourself?

You could write a poem and decorate it, or create a painting for your friend. You know them best and will know what they’ll like and what you can do well.

If you can’t afford to take them out as suggested in option one, you might still like to make them something edible. If you’re good at baking, you could consider creating a personalised cake or something else equally scrummy. These can also be wrapped up – nearly everyone enjoys cakes or cookies and home-baking them will lend a personal touch that makes them an extra special gift.

5. Trips Out

Making memories from a fun experience is easy by taking your friend out somewhere. Depending on what your friend enjoys, you could choose to go to a museum or gallery, or take them to a theme park.

If you want to be extravagant, a city break would be the way to go and will give a whole host of memories in a short period.
Something more low-key to consider would be packing a picnic and spending a day together. This option is obviously best if you live near to a rural area and the occasion is during your summer months.


Hopefully you’ve formulated a plan and know what unique gift you’d like for your lucky friend now. You might consider mixing some of these as well, perhaps snapping a few pictures on a day out or of their reaction to a surprise party then getting them printed and shipped to your friend.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s personal and the recipient won’t fail to enjoy it. Have a great time!

Have you got any unique gift ideas to share with us? Discuss them with us in the comments section if you like.

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